Monday, January 10, 2011

I’m blogging a lot…

…in my mind. Do you know that feeling? I mean I don’t know how many post I wrote over the last two month in my mind. For example the one about the first glittering snow at night in November or the one after good “Feuerzagenbole” on a Christkindelmarkt and on and on…

Anyway December was very busy and my start into the New Year was just fine, so now we are all together in the year 2011 and I decided to set me no goals at all! Yep, you hear me. No goals. No pressure.     J.U.S.T    P.U.R.E     L.I.F.E
Why? You want to know. Well be honest, the thing is, that most of the goals or targets will not be reached and then I will be disappointed, so the best is not to set any goals or targets don’t you think.
I know that there will some changes this year, but I don’t know which way they will turn out, so I’ll see and make the best out of it, because right now I can’t do anything else.
A new year is something wonderful, because everybody is dreaming of something. What are you dreaming of?

I wish you all a wonderful, dreamful and happy year 2011.