Sunday, November 7, 2010


Did you read all my latest post? No, oh it might has to do with the fact that I never put into the computer I just had them in my thoughts and oh I posted a lot in my thoughts…

Oh well, life just starts to relax, since I’m on vacation and enjoy the bad weather of the Oregon coast right now, with nothing to do other then read, talk and sleep, just perfect…

Don’t get me wrong I had perfect weather for the first three days! Sunshine, warm weather, fall colours all over and some fog. Here are some photos I took on my drive from Seattle to Portland.

Have a nice weekend

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


After the summer break it is time for a new workshop.

I’m really happy that the workshop will again be hold in the GenussIdee in Munich-Hadern. This means a relaxed and fun surrounding to create a photo album in a format of 11 x 15 cm. You want to see for you self? Here are some photos from the last workshop.
Since the weather was so nice we took all the tables outside and work there until it got dark.
Then we went inside and continued. And boy, the girls were busy…
These two boys were kind enough to host us even longer in there sweet shop then planned…oh it was so much fun…
Now, do you want to have on October 6th, then hurry and register for the workshop by writing me an email.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Two of my best girlfriends each gave birth to a son, so I made each of them a baby quilt.

The first one was for Finley who was born in Hamburg and I knew that the parents are not really in pastel colors, so I decided to do a classic red-blue-colored quilt and this is how it turned out.
The back fabric is a blue and white Vichy.

The second one was for Samuel, who was born here in Munich and for this one I mixed blue with yellow and green. When I gave the quilt to parents I was told that these are the colors they picked out for his room, so it worked out beautiful.
The back is light blue flannel with little cream whit dots.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is how I found my sweet little car last night!

Yes, there is a big gap in my left fender…luckily for me the guy who did this to my car, was honest enough and left a note at my windshield with all his contact information, well the information from the company he works for and they told me today that there insurance will cover the cost.

In addition a neighbor from next door stopped by in the morning to ask me if I know who did this to my sweet little car, because he wrote down the license plate from the truck. I told him, that even in this cruel and cold world, there are honest people out there who take the responsibility for what they do and that the guy left his contact information. But I thanked him for making sure, that I have all the information.
Oh, Danyelle could you please send me you husband to fix my car?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Time / Familien Zeit

The whole family went again this year for a three day trip to Suedtirol. We stayed in a nice pension near the Kalterer Lake and just enjoyed the family time during our hikes.

What is Luca looking at?

What is the whole family looking at?

OK, what is so interesting that the whole family is taking a million photos?

Hundreds of these…

they were making soooo much noise. We thought they might just sing is a song, no!

Nach alter Tradition ist die gesamte Familie dieses Jahr wieder nach Süd Tirol gefahren und zwar an den Kalterer See. Wenn die Großfamilie auf Wanderschaft geht, dann gibt es immer viel zu sehen.

Was Luca wohl entdeckt hat?

Was sieht denn die ganze Familie?

Was fotografiert denn die ganze Familie da?

Hunderte von diesen Lebewesen…

Das Quarken war soooo laut, aber vielleicht haben uns die Frösche in Südtirol auch nur willkommen geheißen.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Oh wow, it has been almost a month since I posted last…Well I guess the everyday life just the better part of me.
A couple of weekends my sister in law asked me to take some photos from her family which she wanted to give to her mother. Well needless to say, that I was flattered to be asked and happily said yes. Here are my favorites.
Was für ein Start in meine Deutsche Abteilung, gerade angefangen und schon nichts mehr geschrieben…Ich verspreche mich zu bessern.
Vor ein paar Wochen hat mich meine Schwägerin gefragt ob ich nicht ein paar Fotos von den Kindern machen kann, da sie diese Ihrer Mutter schenken möchte. Das habe ich natürlich gerne gemacht und hier sind meine Favoriten.




Saturday, April 17, 2010


I’m so excited to share with you the latest and greatest news.
My first workshop will take place on May 20th.
Location will be the fantastic and most inspiring GenussIdee in Munich-Hardern, which will give eight participants a place during the workshop. During the three hours I will work together with each of the participants to personifying a vacation album (supplied by me) with the photos the participants bring to the workshop. It will be so much fun to see the different results.
Here is the page I made for the GenussIdee:

If you want to join us for the workshop, then please let me know under:

The other news is that my blog will be from now on bilingual, which means English and German. For those of you who speak both languages well, I just want to tell you, that most likely the text will vary a little, but it will be always the same subject.

Nachdem ich schon ein paarmal gefragt wurde, ob ich meinen Blog nicht auch in Deutsch schreiben könnte, fange ich nun damit an. Gleich vorweg, die Texte werden nicht Wort wörtlich übersetzt, da ich darin noch nie besonders gut war.

Ich freue mich Euch mitteilen zu können, dass ich nun einen Termin für meinen ersten Workshop habe und zwar den 20. Mai 2010.
Das passende Ambiente habe ich in der GenussIdee  in München-Hardern gefunden, welche Platz für acht Teilnehmer/innen biete. Während der drei Stunden werde ich zusammen mit den Teilnehmer/innen an der persönlichen Gestaltung eines Urlaubfotoalbums (Album kommt von mir, die Fotos bringt jede/r Teilnehmer/in selber mit) arbeiten. Ich freue mich schon sehr die unterschiedlichen Endresultate zu sehen.
Hier ist mal das kleine Plakat, welches ich für die GenussIdee gemacht habe:

Wenn jemand von Euch an dem Workshop teilnehmen will, dann meldet Euch bitte unter

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Too late

It’s two o’clock at night and I’m working on my New Zealand album and I just found out that it is way too late to do some journaling… I guess that happens if you get at 10 o’clock at night the urgent need to start with an album from your last great vacation…since I redid my work area over the weekend and I’m still in the process of putting everything back, my workspace is/was very limited, but I guess that is the challenge you have to take …blahh, blahh, blahh, oh it is too late for blogging as well…I hope you all have a great day. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Memories

I had really nice surprise. Last week I bought a different kind of laundry detergent (yeah I know really exiting, but there is plot to this story) and I admit I’m a person who opens the bottles to smell it and yes there were several which went right back to the shelf!!! So after smelling several I found one which my nose found acceptable. So I put the load into the washer and still nothing unusual here, then I put the cloth on the line and still nothing unusual there, but then I was folding the dry cloth and suddenly it hit me and I had to smile. I was thrown back in memories about 12 years. My cloth smelled like the laundry detergent Kim used in Pasco and suddenly all these memories came back. I mean small memories, nothing exiting, just normal day to day business like putting your close into the closet or climbing into a freshly made bed.
Isn’t it amazing that a smell can bring all kind of memories back in an instant! For example the elevator at my mom’s old work used to smell like the elevator at my grandparents house in Wupplertal, so every time I went to the dentist (or visiting my mom at work, which was at the dentist office) I had a flashback to Wuppertal and the childhood memories I have in connection with my grandparents. Needles to say that a visit at the dentist was nothing scary for me (ok like I said my mom used to work there to and so I know the dentist very well, but I like think that the good memories are part thereof). Oh, by the way they redid the elevator several yes ago and now the smell is gone…
Do you have any good memories in connection with a certain smell?

I hope you all find a lot eastern eggs and happy eastern.       

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Laziness, Cabrio and New Zealand

Sorry for the laziness in respect to blogging, but somehow it didn’t fit in…
Anyway, yesterday was the first CABRIO day, which means my little convertible got his first chance this year, to lower the roof back into the trunk and giving me a fun ride while running my errands. Thank goodness spring has arrived!
Some on the way back down from the Cape Reinga we took a little ferry. 
So here is the Monster while waiting for the ferry

And this is the little ferry:

And this us enjoying the short ride

So then we went down through some of the oldest forest on this beautiful planed. The Kauri is tree which grows very slowly and so it took just about 3,000 years for the Farther of the Forest to grow to this huge and massive tree. 
The girth of this tree is 16.41 meters (about 54 feet), which means you look basically against a wall!

On the other side we got to Opononi. Opononi was made famous in the mid 1950s by the tame dolphin Opo, who used to let children ride on his back. Anyhow the location is fantastic. Big sand dunes, which extent right into the water.

We spend the night at Baylys Beach and it was perfect conditions for making some more beach photos. Sorry for all the beach photos, but New Zealand exists out of two islands and it is really hard not to make any beach photos, but I promise you that the beach photos will get less.

I wish you all a nice Saturday.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


From today on you can buy my cards and albums in this very sweet shop in München-Hadern. The good thing is you can drink a coffee or tea while surrounded with beautiful accessories such as quilts, pillows, ceramics or candles (everything for sale) and if you get hungry just stay and eat a little snack.

Go and check it out, it’s worth a trip!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Did I post about spring yesterday??? Well, this how it looks just right now from the balcony:

How come everybody really wants snow for Christmas and nobody wants it anymore in March??? I don’t know, but I’m ready for spring, what about you?

Friday, March 5, 2010


Spring has arrived last weekend in my house. The really nice thing about having you birthday in February is that you even more excited about all those flowers you are getting and by the end of the day, spring is every room.

Yep, there are forty Tulips.

I was overwhelmed by all the nice and thoughtful presents.
I can easily say that I have the best friends and family members and I wanted to say
OK I hope that the little sunshine will do the last trick to these
Have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Zeeland

We went all the way up to Cape Reinga, which is where the Pacific and the Tasmanian See meets.

On the way up we made a lunch stop at Lake Waiparera (yep, that’s what it is called and there will much more city/attraction names with Ws, As, Rs and Es in it, trust me).
Then we came by the Ninety Mile Beach, which you could drive on with a car, but just no rental car and absolutely not with the Monster, anyway it was high tide so we couldn’t really walk on the beach, but look for you self.

So this is Cape Reinga and its light tower.
The countdown for the big birthday is down to three and I think I have everything planed out, which does not mean that everything is ready, but the plan stands.