Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Zeeland

We went all the way up to Cape Reinga, which is where the Pacific and the Tasmanian See meets.

On the way up we made a lunch stop at Lake Waiparera (yep, that’s what it is called and there will much more city/attraction names with Ws, As, Rs and Es in it, trust me).
Then we came by the Ninety Mile Beach, which you could drive on with a car, but just no rental car and absolutely not with the Monster, anyway it was high tide so we couldn’t really walk on the beach, but look for you self.

So this is Cape Reinga and its light tower.
The countdown for the big birthday is down to three and I think I have everything planed out, which does not mean that everything is ready, but the plan stands.


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Amy J. said...

Oh my goodness your photos are so good! That photo of Aukland looks almost futuristic.

That is so fun that you rented a motorhome! You go on some great trips and travel more than anyone else I know. Oh the stories you could tell.