Sunday, February 14, 2010


OK every vacation starts with the travel to the Country/City you want to spend your vacation in, so we flew from Munich via Dubai and Sydney to Auckland with Emirates. I have to tell you that on the first half (Munich-Dubai) we had the MOST uncomfortable seats I've EVER had. In Dubai we changed aircraft and we flew with an A380 the long way from Dubai-Sydney-Auckland and the only thought we had until we got on the plan was, that hopefully the seats would better. Well there were and that’s how the Emirates A380 looks from the inside.

If you ever think about going to any city in New Zeeland over New Year, then don’t do it! Everything in the city is closed and I mean almost everything… After we arrived in Auckland we took a shower and then we wanted to explore the city as long as our tired bodies would allow us to. Let me tell you when you are tiered and everything is closed, a city walk is not the most interesting thing to do, even if it’s New Years evening. So, we went to McDonalds for a New Years Menu! Then we went to bed and slept with a little break at around midnight for celebrating the year 2010.
Our fist day in Auckland we spend actually on Waiheke Island, since the city was closed (I think I mentioned that already?!). When we left our hotel is was a little cool, cloudy and windy so we were dressed in jeans, t- and sweat-shirt and took our rain coats. (You asking you self why is she telling all this, hang on there is plot to this story). Well after the ferry left the harbor the sun came out and we took of the rain coats. By the time we arrived at the island we had also taken off the sweat-shirts and then we saw all the people with their swimming gear and we found out that we were dressed totally wrong! It is true the weather changes in New Zeeland very quickly and often!!!
Anyway, we took the island bus to one of the beaches and we were the only two persons dressed in jeans on the beach!!!
Nevertheless we enjoyed the warm weather and took some hikes on the island and I got a little carried away with taking photos from seashells, sand dollars (see first post), flowers and sun sets.

The view from our table at the restaurant.

Here are some random photos from our second day in Auckland.

Blooming tree in the Albert Park

Victory Park Shopping Center (which was of course closed!)
Pingues in the Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World
Stones in the Albert Park
The next day we got our Motorhome and left Auckland behind us.

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