Saturday, March 20, 2010

Laziness, Cabrio and New Zealand

Sorry for the laziness in respect to blogging, but somehow it didn’t fit in…
Anyway, yesterday was the first CABRIO day, which means my little convertible got his first chance this year, to lower the roof back into the trunk and giving me a fun ride while running my errands. Thank goodness spring has arrived!
Some on the way back down from the Cape Reinga we took a little ferry. 
So here is the Monster while waiting for the ferry

And this is the little ferry:

And this us enjoying the short ride

So then we went down through some of the oldest forest on this beautiful planed. The Kauri is tree which grows very slowly and so it took just about 3,000 years for the Farther of the Forest to grow to this huge and massive tree. 
The girth of this tree is 16.41 meters (about 54 feet), which means you look basically against a wall!

On the other side we got to Opononi. Opononi was made famous in the mid 1950s by the tame dolphin Opo, who used to let children ride on his back. Anyhow the location is fantastic. Big sand dunes, which extent right into the water.

We spend the night at Baylys Beach and it was perfect conditions for making some more beach photos. Sorry for all the beach photos, but New Zealand exists out of two islands and it is really hard not to make any beach photos, but I promise you that the beach photos will get less.

I wish you all a nice Saturday.

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