Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Memories

I had really nice surprise. Last week I bought a different kind of laundry detergent (yeah I know really exiting, but there is plot to this story) and I admit I’m a person who opens the bottles to smell it and yes there were several which went right back to the shelf!!! So after smelling several I found one which my nose found acceptable. So I put the load into the washer and still nothing unusual here, then I put the cloth on the line and still nothing unusual there, but then I was folding the dry cloth and suddenly it hit me and I had to smile. I was thrown back in memories about 12 years. My cloth smelled like the laundry detergent Kim used in Pasco and suddenly all these memories came back. I mean small memories, nothing exiting, just normal day to day business like putting your close into the closet or climbing into a freshly made bed.
Isn’t it amazing that a smell can bring all kind of memories back in an instant! For example the elevator at my mom’s old work used to smell like the elevator at my grandparents house in Wupplertal, so every time I went to the dentist (or visiting my mom at work, which was at the dentist office) I had a flashback to Wuppertal and the childhood memories I have in connection with my grandparents. Needles to say that a visit at the dentist was nothing scary for me (ok like I said my mom used to work there to and so I know the dentist very well, but I like think that the good memories are part thereof). Oh, by the way they redid the elevator several yes ago and now the smell is gone…
Do you have any good memories in connection with a certain smell?

I hope you all find a lot eastern eggs and happy eastern.       

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