Saturday, July 24, 2010


Two of my best girlfriends each gave birth to a son, so I made each of them a baby quilt.

The first one was for Finley who was born in Hamburg and I knew that the parents are not really in pastel colors, so I decided to do a classic red-blue-colored quilt and this is how it turned out.
The back fabric is a blue and white Vichy.

The second one was for Samuel, who was born here in Munich and for this one I mixed blue with yellow and green. When I gave the quilt to parents I was told that these are the colors they picked out for his room, so it worked out beautiful.
The back is light blue flannel with little cream whit dots.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.


dandee said...

those are so pretty svenja! I really love the design of the red and blue quilt.

Schultze Tanja said...

Wow, die Quilts sehen sehr schön aus!! Der obere klassische in der Kombi blau, rot und weiß gefällt mir auch sehr gut. Würde gut zu den Jungs - Zimmern passen.

ganz liebe Grüße