Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is how I found my sweet little car last night!

Yes, there is a big gap in my left fender…luckily for me the guy who did this to my car, was honest enough and left a note at my windshield with all his contact information, well the information from the company he works for and they told me today that there insurance will cover the cost.

In addition a neighbor from next door stopped by in the morning to ask me if I know who did this to my sweet little car, because he wrote down the license plate from the truck. I told him, that even in this cruel and cold world, there are honest people out there who take the responsibility for what they do and that the guy left his contact information. But I thanked him for making sure, that I have all the information.
Oh, Danyelle could you please send me you husband to fix my car?

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dandee said...

he's on his way! :)