Friday, September 28, 2012

Gran Canyon

Last but not least we were at the Grand Canyon. We did not go down all the way, but at least a little bit and we came into rain and then saw this beautiful rainbow. The rest are just some more photos from around the Grand Canyon. We also saw Condors at the sunset and as everybody I tried to take a picture and well I have to say, they are not good looking birds, but still graceful in the air...I wish I could fly like that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park

Ok Internet access was not to get in the last days and since the one in Lake Powell broke down while publishing the last post you will get two new posts or photos today.

Bryce Canyon

Right now I'm sitting at the Lake Powell and waiting for the laundry...just like at home.
So far we have only seen beautiful country with a lot of red stones, hehehe. The Valley of Fire was just amazing, especially since we only stopped there because the campsites were all full.
Here some more photos directly out of the camera.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ok I'm back in the USA on vacation and I just wanted to share some photos I have taken so far.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to the roots

Well not excatly but pretty close. Today I had my fist day at my old company. Confusing, right? Well to make it short: I worked there for almost five years, then I left to move back to Munich, then after only five month I started working for that company again via a contractor and today I started working for that company again, directly employed, pretty easy right J. It was weird to have a first day at a company without feeling the excitement of starting something new. I mean: I knew my way around. I knew all my colleagues. I knew my boss. I had contract negotiation with a supplier I knew. So I had to remind myself throughout the day that today was my first day. Weird, I know.
Other subject: On Saturday I was invited to a party of really good friends. The occasion was summary of one round birthday and the moving in into their beautiful new home. Well actually they moved in already last year and the round birthday was already last year, but there was also the birth of their second child and somehow these three dates were pretty close together last year, so they made big party this year :-). Make sense, right? Now with explanation you understand that the “gift” issue was a little complicated, but not really, since I had the perfect little gift for them, this (plus the number 33a on top of it to resemble their house number, but I didn’t make a photo of it…):

And yes I made this. Two month ago a good friend of mine gave a workshop on making “flower-cakes” and I was sooooooooooooooooo thrilled with my result of it, that I wanted to make one as gift. The round “cake” looked like this:

It helped that this good friend of mine which owns the flower shop, let me do it at her shop and so I could choose from whatever she had in her shop :-). I decided to stay with roses, blackberries and some green stuff. It was really fun making it, especially since I had such a nice company. Thanks Jasmyn!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I’m blogging a lot…

…in my mind. Do you know that feeling? I mean I don’t know how many post I wrote over the last two month in my mind. For example the one about the first glittering snow at night in November or the one after good “Feuerzagenbole” on a Christkindelmarkt and on and on…

Anyway December was very busy and my start into the New Year was just fine, so now we are all together in the year 2011 and I decided to set me no goals at all! Yep, you hear me. No goals. No pressure.     J.U.S.T    P.U.R.E     L.I.F.E
Why? You want to know. Well be honest, the thing is, that most of the goals or targets will not be reached and then I will be disappointed, so the best is not to set any goals or targets don’t you think.
I know that there will some changes this year, but I don’t know which way they will turn out, so I’ll see and make the best out of it, because right now I can’t do anything else.
A new year is something wonderful, because everybody is dreaming of something. What are you dreaming of?

I wish you all a wonderful, dreamful and happy year 2011.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Did you read all my latest post? No, oh it might has to do with the fact that I never put into the computer I just had them in my thoughts and oh I posted a lot in my thoughts…

Oh well, life just starts to relax, since I’m on vacation and enjoy the bad weather of the Oregon coast right now, with nothing to do other then read, talk and sleep, just perfect…

Don’t get me wrong I had perfect weather for the first three days! Sunshine, warm weather, fall colours all over and some fog. Here are some photos I took on my drive from Seattle to Portland.

Have a nice weekend