Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Business Card

OK, I do have the feeling that I'm not very productive since I started my own business (I don't think this is the way it should be :-)), but there are sooooo many things to organize. Trying to find the right supplier and to register in all the stores as a business, but today I had a short sentimental moment when I found this little card in my mail:
You are probably asking why should this be a sentimental moment, well it is the first card I see my business name printed on: Svenja Reinhold Design
From now on I can go shopping at IKEA and pay with my business card....
I hope you all have a wonderful day and maybe you have also a small thing which makes you smile :-).

Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday I got a call from an old friend which I haven’t seen for a very long time. In the beginning I thought what a nice surprise, but then he told me that a friend of us was killed in an accident and that the funeral would be next day. Wow, what a shock.
I hadn’t been in contact with that friend in years, but during our teenager time we spend quiet some time together, so there are a lot of good memories which involve him and it feels not right that there will be no more… Do you know what I mean? Throughout your life you meet new people and you never know how long you will know or how important that person might become to you. But even the person whom you know only a few days, month or years leaves an impression on you and your life and that is good.
At the funeral today there were friends which haven’t seen each other for some time and everybody said how sorry there were that we had to meet under these circumstances. So after the funeral we went to get something to eat together and talked about the good old times, shared memories and we laughed a lot. In the end we exchanges phone number and said that we will try to meet again and you know what I think we will manage to do so, because we were all shocked how soon a life could end.
There are no warnings out there to remind you how precious a life is and that it could end from one minute to the next. Since you never know, you should enjoy every minute of life. Be aware of what you have around you and take the time to call an old friend…

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunny morning

OK, I’ll give me twenty more minutes to enjoy the morning (reading blogs and looking through the internet), then I’ll start doing something productive…
Here are some photos of my latest card-production (I will not post any x-mas cards in August, even though I made some already!):

I hope you all have a wonderful day :-)




10 hours later and I'm playing with my new toy:


Sunday, August 16, 2009


I know that it took a little longer to show you the photos of the after, but the reason is that the "little" re-arranging took a little longer then I thought.
Actually, thanks to my dad, the real work of putting the cupboards to their new location and putting the legs under the new working table was done in due time, which I cannot say about putting all the stuff back into them. The result was that I basically changed all the contents of almost EVERY cupboard in the apartment.
Oh, well I think the new working area turnout to be just PERFECT, what do you think?


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bedroom before…

This is how the bedroom looks today...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Second Day as a Blogger

Well the second day as a blogger and I still haven’t figured out how the whole thing works and what is the shortest way to actually add new post, but hey here it is:
The whole evening I have been thinking about how I can re-arrange my apartment to fit a new working area into it and I also called my dad today to help me with it. He said yes (what else would he say to his only daughter), so on Friday we will re-arrange my bedroom. I will make photos before and after, so you can see the changes.
I also designed this little embellishment to put on cards, what do you think?

This is really fun…

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's official

Today at 17:39 I paid my registration-fee for my own business!!! From now on I’m a business women…
OK, I think I need to go back a little and explain:
1. Some of you might wonder why my blog is in English and not in German! Well, there a simple explanation most of my German speaking friends do also speak English, but most of my English speaking friends speak very little or no German at all. It’s as simple as that.
2. I reduced my working hours with my employee to try out if my creations would sell to someone besides my family and friends.
3. Since my homepage is not finished (OK, the truth is that nobody stated working on it…) I thought a blog would be a good idea.
I do know at least one person who might be interested in what I do all day long in my single life, so here are some photos of my latest’s project:

OK if someone could tell me if there is an easier way to incorporate photos into a blog PLEASE DO SO, because I don’t think you all do it via the post text and then moving them from top to bottom…HELP PLEASE and why is the fond suddenly different????

Since this is my fist post I’ll stop here and see how it looks on the web.
More tomorrow…