Saturday, October 24, 2009

Extreme Couching

This time of the year is perfect to start you own business, because you don’t feel bad if you have to stay inside and work, since everybody else is doing the same thing. Well, I mean the staying inside not the working part (even though I know some of my friends do that part too).

The weather is gray, cold and wet, which means you make it comfortable on the couch with a good book or magazine in your hand, the music you love is playing in the background and you just relax and are happy that you don’t have to go outside. (This is what I did all the last years)

For me the weather is gray, cold and wet, which means I put on good music, sit down on my new working area and spread all the beautiful design paper across the bed and think “oh, that is just too cute to be cut up” or “oh, these two just go perfectly together” and then I smile to myself, relax and star working. (Like I said what a good time to start you own business)

I wish you all a wonderful and relaxed weekend and have fun with the extreme couching.


Alicia said...

You just perfectly summed up what I love about fall/winter! There is absolutely nothing better than curling up somewhere comfy in your warm house doing something you love, like reading for me. Even better when the weather outside is nasty. Love it!

Amy J. said... did I miss the post about your work space? That is the coolest set up ever!

I couldn't agree more. Last night I climbed in a hot bubble bath and read a book...for a couple of hours!