Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday I got a call from an old friend which I haven’t seen for a very long time. In the beginning I thought what a nice surprise, but then he told me that a friend of us was killed in an accident and that the funeral would be next day. Wow, what a shock.
I hadn’t been in contact with that friend in years, but during our teenager time we spend quiet some time together, so there are a lot of good memories which involve him and it feels not right that there will be no more… Do you know what I mean? Throughout your life you meet new people and you never know how long you will know or how important that person might become to you. But even the person whom you know only a few days, month or years leaves an impression on you and your life and that is good.
At the funeral today there were friends which haven’t seen each other for some time and everybody said how sorry there were that we had to meet under these circumstances. So after the funeral we went to get something to eat together and talked about the good old times, shared memories and we laughed a lot. In the end we exchanges phone number and said that we will try to meet again and you know what I think we will manage to do so, because we were all shocked how soon a life could end.
There are no warnings out there to remind you how precious a life is and that it could end from one minute to the next. Since you never know, you should enjoy every minute of life. Be aware of what you have around you and take the time to call an old friend…


Amy J. said...

I am so sorry to hear about your old friend, but your words are uplifting and true. We all need to be aware of all that we have.

Alicia said...

A friend of mine died shortly after high school and I think about him often, sometimes I have dreams about him. It's always shocking to realize you will never see or talk to that person again, that no one will. I'm sorry about your friend, thanks for the reminder that life is short and precious.

dandee said...

What a sad thing to experience. Thank you for sharing such wise words at a difficult time.