Sunday, September 13, 2009

OK here are now the photos from the album.

The album has 24 pages plus the two cover pages and as already mentioned it is in size A6. The binding is via Coptic stitching and made by myself. (Für alle die keine Ahnung haben was das ist, damit ist die Art des Buch Bindens gemeint) The album gives plenty room for photos and text. There are eight albums in total and if you want get more information on the album please let me know.

We had this weekend the Streetlife-Festival going on in Munich (for all not living in Munich, they close down the Leopoldstreet for the weekend and on the street there are food stands and all kind of sport activities) and I was there today with some friends, all girls and it was really fun. Here are some photos I took during the day:
Usually cars are driving on this street:
Three and half girl:
Barefoot walk in the city:
Little ladybug:
Have a good start into the new week :-)

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