Friday, September 25, 2009


It is Oktoberfest time in Munich, which means you see a lot and I mean a real lot of Dirndl and Lederhosen in the city. In Munich the Oktoberfest time is the five season. It is the beginning of fall and the end of summer. Today at the post office I overheard a conversation between an app. 5 year old girl and her mom about the fall and the Oktoberfest... and the girl said something like, when the Oktoberfest is starting , fall is starting as well and her mom said simply yes! And it is true, as already mentioned in the previous post for me it is exactly the same thing. I mean fall starts with the Oktoberfest. It smells like fall, the leaves are starting to turn their colors and it is getting dark at 7 o’clock (which means as a kid: you can see all the lights of the Oktoberfest before 8 o’clock and that makes you feel very special!!!).

Today I went to the Oktoberfest with friends and it was just perfect! The weather was nice and warm, the beer tents not to crowded (which means you can still enter them without any wrist band and the corresponding reservations) and everybody was just in a good mood. I know that some of you don’t believe me, when I say, that for a Munich girl the Oktoberfest has nothing to do with getting drunk in half an hour (this is what most of the tourist think and do), but it is just fun to drink one beer and eat half a roasted chicken and then take a ride on the “Kettenkarussell” ( don’t know the translation for it but LEO tells me it is called “chairoplane”), eat chocolate covered banana and sugar roasted almonds and to enjoy you self. This is what I did tonight and it was just perfect. I had fun and I even took some photos with my mobile phone, but unfortunately I have no idea how my personal laptop can receive photos via Bluetooth….which means I cannot show you my photos of my ride of the chairoplane (which are of a really bad quality anyway, because I don’t have any flashlight on my mobile phone camera) … I’ll try to figure that one out tomorrow, so hopefully I can show the photos tomorrow, if not I’ll just show you some photos I’ll take tomorrow at the Oktoberfest with my niece Pia.


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Amy J. said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope you can figure out the photos and I want to ride on that airo-thingy! :)