Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My grandma is turning 90 years old on September 19, which means she was born on 19.09.1919 (isn’t this a cool date). My mom had this terrific idea to make her a little album with memories from friends and family members. She asked everybody to write down some memories and she will put them together into a little book. Well one of my memories has to do with this ring and necklace.

It’s an old ring from my grandma which I used to see on her hand, she gave me this ring last year to my birthday and then for Christmas she gave me the necklace. I cannot put into words what that ring means to me.
Do you have something like that?


Amy J. said...

Not only is that ring and necklace amazing, but I love how you captured it!

I had an awesome blanket from my great grandma Riggin. It was so soft and cool at the same time. It just up and dissappeared! I don't know when or where but it just makes me sick that I don't have that anymore. I loved that blanket.

Alicia said...

My mom gave me her emerald ring and earring set when I was in high school, and it's so special to me because it's both our birthstones. That ring and necklace are gorgeous!