Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I did it again

I charged the batteries, I put the camera in a spot so I can easily access it, I wanted to document the event… and what happened? Nothing, the camera was never touched, nothing was documented. There was just no time while welcoming everyone, making sure there had to drink and eat, talking to the people (that part comes always to short), but I had a lot of fun and I hope my guest as well.

Now the couch, the armchair and the quilt needs to be cleaned from chocolate smudges and I tell myself next year I’ll only server gummy bears (knowing very well that I will again serve a lot of chocolate…)
Here are some photos from my decoration which I worked on the WHOLE Saturday, but I’m very pleased with my Winterzauber.

I just love these fake snow balls

Can you see me taking the photo?

There is some spray glue in that decoration!

That’s what the guessed saw when they walked in.
Oh and today I delivered 120 Christmas cards to one of mine customers which I worked on during the last days, now I have to work on the albums...

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Amy J. said...

Gorgeous...I love it! Did you make the fake snowballs or buy them? If you made them I would love to know how! Ohhhh chocolate on the furniture...the price we pay for Christmas!